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Hyundai wants 5% of the mobile market

The Hyundai S550 - coming to the UK?
The Hyundai S550 - coming to the UK?

Hyundai is close to finalising a deal with UK mobile telecommunications company Advantage Cellular to start selling mobile phones in Great Britain.

Not known for being overly ambitious, Hyundai believes it can unveil the kind of devices that will get the Great British public salivating to the tune of three to five per cent of the mobile phone market.

Mobile World Congress is going to be a big event for the company, which plans to release 10 to 15 handsets this year, according to Mobile Today.

Covering the bases

Among them is a tipped Windows Mobile phone, set to debut before July of this year, as well as a slew of handsets in the innovation, music, basic and lifestyle segments of the market.

Hyundai Mobile launched in Europe during the latter half of last year, with some basic-looking but functional handsets, and now wants to have a go at the UK market as well.

HM will move into the same building as Advantage Cellular with eight members of staff initially to get the new brand up and running. More staff are expected to join those eight shortly.

It's not a shock to see a Far Eastern brand have a crack at the mobile market in Europe (think BenQ / Siemens), but we'll wait and see if can manage to nab the five per cent of the market it wants...