Samsung teased a new tablet at IFA - is it the rumored 18-incher?

Samsung Galaxy View

During the Gear S2 unveiling at IFA 2015 in Berlin today, Samsung took the opportunity to announce new tablet, the Galaxy View.

Of course, we're assuming it's a tablet, as Samsung didn't really specify, and going off the little teaser video Samsung showed, we think it might be the rumored 18-inch tablet that was reportedly code-named Tahoe.

"In the spirit of boldness, we're planning yet another adventure. Here's a little glimpse of what we mean," said Younghee Lee, global marketing executive VP for Samsung's mobile division, before showing the teaser video.

The video itself only showed off the Galaxy View in short glimpses, without really revealing any ports or other useful information, like how big it is.

And though the design seems to fit the looks of Samsung's latest handsets, the video also hinted at a larger tablet size.

"What does it take to stay ahead? Start with the limits. Now push them. Think big. Then, think bigger," the video said, before adding, "Introducing the Galaxy View. A new dimension of entertainment."

To us, that says: Big tablet.

Our only other hint came from Lee after the video ended, calling the Galaxy View, "A whole new mobile viewing experience for a new generation."

Unfortunately, that's really all we know right now. We'll have to wait until October for more, which is when Lee says Samsung will unveil more details about the Galaxy View.