New Sony Xperia tablet leaks with thinner look, better innards

New Sony Xperia tablet leaks with thinner look, better innards
Small, sleek, still a funny shape

The next generation of Sony Tablet S has snuck out in the form of a leaked presentation, touting slim quad-core ways and improved camera action.

The new Xperia-branded tablet, which hasn't done away with the Tablet S's funny folded-over looks, is around 42 per cent thinner than its predecessor.

But the body of this new slate is said to be aluminium and splashproof, as well as housing a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and running at least Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Size matters

It's retaining the 9.4-inch display with 1280x800 resolution but Sony also seems to be adding a 64GB model to the range, joining the 16GB and 32GB editions.

The cameras are getting a boost as well, from VGA (front) and 5MP (rear) to 1MP (front) and 8MP (rear) on the new model.

Sony has also opted for a 6,000 mAh battery which should up the life from 5 hours of browsing over Wi-Fi on the Tablet S to 10 hours on the new edition.

It looks like the Xperia Tablet will launch alongside a range of accessories, including a cover with built-in keyboard and a stand.

Although the leaked slides don't suggest any estimated release dates, there are a few prices to mull over: 16GB model for $449.99 (around £300), 32GB for $549.99 (£350) and the 64GB for $649.99 (£420).

From XDA via Electronista

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