Lenovo's Pocket Yoga to take on Vaio P?

Lenovo is the latest computer manufacturer who has decided that Lilliputian machines are the way forward.

A whole series of 'leaked' images of the Lenovo 'Pocket Yoga' have hit the net and show off a mini computer that's seemingly cut from the same cloth as Sony's diminutive yet ridiculously expensive Vaio P.

Tablet PC

Unfortunately, there's a distinct lack of specs at the moment – if we had these alongside the pictures then Lenovo would have to class the mini laptop as official – but judging by the images, the Pocket Yoga has at least two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet connection and comes with a rather fetching leather belt exterior.

Interestingly, it also looks like the belt is not just there for aesthetics but has a practical use – it doubles as a mouse for the laptop.

The mini computer also comes equipped with a stylus and the screen can be folded over to change the machine into a tablet.

There's no word if and when this product will be released, but if the company is looking to cash in on the popularity of the Vaio P and maybe trump Sony on pricing, then it would be good if Lenovo go its act together and released the Pocket Yoga sooner quick sticks.

UPDATE: It turns out that Lenovo was working on the Pocket Yoga two years ago but the product never actually came to market.

This unfortunately means it will probably never come to market. Not in its current iteration anyway.

The mystery of the new lappie was solved after Johnson Li, Director of Lenovo's Beijing Inovation Center, revealed on Lenovoblogs.com that the Pocket Yoga was a concept worked on some time back.

He explains: "The 'Yoga' notebook experiment is finished, but the stories of new developed products from Lenovo's design teams are always happening. Innovation never stops. Next time, which story we will share with you? Who knows?"

Looks like Sony Vaio P fans can breathe a sigh of relief... for now.

From Cnet via Engadget

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