iPad mini 2 tipped again to shun Retina display

iPad Mini 2
The iPad Mini 2 may yet go Retina-less

Despite the fact that a Retina display is far and away the most needed addition to the iPad Mini 2, there's more suggestions that it might not have one.

According to BGR, that's Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White's thoughts. As he apparently claimed that while a Retina display toting version of the tablet was in the works it wouldn't arrive until early next year.

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In the meantime an iPad Mini with minor updates, such as a faster processor, would be announced as a stopgap along side the iPad 5.

Display dismay

White didn't specify why this would be, simply stating that some of his contacts at trade shows believed that a true successor to the iPad Mini wouldn't arrive until Quarter 1 of next year.

If this is the case it could be because of supply chain shortages, which were rumoured earlier in the year, or perhaps it's simply being done to keep the focus on the iPad 5.

Even if this is true, a proper iPad Mini 2 (or 3?) complete with a Retina display shouldn't be far behind, but we'd take the rumour with a pinch of salt, as White has been wrong before.

Either way, we should know soon enough as Apple's iPad event is set for October 22.

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