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Asus PadFone Mini 4.3 to encounter Chinese competition?

Asus PadFone Mini 4.3 to encounter Chinese competition?
Is this the PadFone Mini?

The Asus PadFone Mini 4.3 is likely pop its head up sooner than CES 2014, with press images leaking before an expected December 11 announcement.

Today's leak comes courtesy of the rather reliable evleaks, showing not only the 4.3-inch phone, but the tablet dock as well.

It seems the Mini name isn't just reserved for the phone though, as the dock appears to have shrunk too, coming with a smaller 7-inch frame, rather than the 10-inch frame that has come with the likes of the Asus PadFone 2.

No shots below the belt

Asus may have to ready its gloves though, as it might be soon getting competition after Chinese firm Huawei trademarked the name PhoPad in the US.

Asus PadFone Mini 4.3 getting more official, may already have competition

Is the PhoPad pho real? (credit: Phandroid)

The only hint to what the device could be is its listing under "mobile phones; tablets computers, protective cases for mobile phones; protective cases for tablet computers".

This has lead to speculation that the PhoPad could well be a PadFone rival, or a rebranding of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 challenging Huawei Ascend Mate series.

Via TrustedReviews