An evening of Smartglass and Dead Rising 3

Toshiba Encore Smartglass
Toshiba brings you the Smart(s)glass

In partnership with Toshiba and our sister-publication Official Xbox Magazine, we invited a group of readers to get their hands on the 8-inch Encore tablet and see how Smartglass works with the Xbox One title, Dead Rising 3.

The Encore is a Windows 8 device with an 8-inch widescreen HD display and in either 32GB or 64GB flavours.

The event was held on December 11 at Microsoft HQ in Sydney, and one lucky event attendee, Josh Nguyen, won a 64GB model and praised its size and screen quality.

"It's great, with crisp lines and colours, and I like how smooth and quick it is to respond, plus the matted backing provides a secure grip for carrying it around," says Nguyen.

"It feels sturdy, and there's a lot of peripheral ports for connecting it to a TV and putting in a microSD card."

Glass getting smart

New options become available in Dead Rising 3 when played in conjunction with the free Smartglass app, such as an interactive map and exclusive character missions.

"It certainly adds that additional dimension to the gaming experience," said Nguyen after a few hours of hands-on with the game.

"I really enjoyed the augmented mapping, and I'm keen to see what Smartglass will do in the future."

The Toshiba Encore is now available with a starting price of $399.

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