Acer still peeved about Microsoft making 'hard rice' hardware

Devil in a blue Touch Cover
Devil in a blue Touch Cover

Acer has been quite outspoken about its distaste for Microsoft releasing its own Windows RT tablet, the Surface.

The Taiwanese company's latest rebuke comes from Acer President for Greater China, Linxian Lang, as he made disparaging food metaphors on Chinese site Sina Tech.

A Google translation of the Sina Tech article quotes Linxian Lang comparing Microsoft's hardware business to "hard rice" which is "not so easy to eat."

It echoes comments made previously by Acer President Jim Wong, who told Microsoft that hardware "is not something you are good at."

Acer recently decided to delay its own Windows RT tablets until later in 2013 after Surface's slow launch, though with the company's bitter remarks it's hard not to interpret a case of sour grapes at work.

Unwilling to compete

Acer's assertion has long been that Microsoft entering the hardware race with Surface weakens the Windows 8 ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Nokia's CEO has encouraged Microsoft to jump headfirst into the smartphone race claiming that the move would strengthen the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem.

Of course, both companies are correct in each's own way. More devices available increases the chances of people buying into Windows 8 as a platform, but each OEM could see a smaller market share as a result.

Acer in particular has struggled with the transition from its once successful netbooks to a market dominated by tablets and smartphones.

In the meantime, even if Windows RT and Surface are off to a slow start, Acer isn't doing itself many favors by holding back on its competing tablet or tablets.

Unless Acer plans to come out strong on price in the second quarter of 2013, it may find that caution creates a self-fulfilling prophecy for a Surface-dominated Windows 8 market.

Via Sina Tech, CNET