Apple readying svelte new MacBook Pro as hinges start shipping

Apple MacBook Pro

You've probably heard the rumor that Apple is preparing a new lighter and more svelte MacBook Pro complete with OLED touchpad instead of function keys, and further whispers from the notebook grapevine indicate that this happening.

The source this time is Jarllytec, an Apple supplier based in Taiwan which has apparently started shipping the new hinges for this refreshed model, which are metal injection molded to allow for the slimming down of the device (while still keeping a robust enough hinge so the thing isn't likely to break).

Ubergizmo reports that the hinges which are currently being shipped are for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, with the ones for the 15-inch model to follow later in the third quarter of this year. That's a fact worth noting because it ties in with the supposed release date of these new laptops which is rumored to be Q4 2016.

WWDC looking wobbly

In other words, we're not likely to see the new MacBook Pro anytime soon, and while we may hear the device mentioned at the imminent WWDC, it's looking increasingly unlikely we'll see any kind of launch there despite previous speculation. Still, you never know.

We saw some (theoretically) concrete evidence of the slimmer redesigned MacBook Pro with OLED touchpad a week ago, when images of the laptop's keyboard were leaked showing a space for the touchpad (which will allow users to customize the various keys to their exact liking). These photos also showed that the notebook will have four USB Type-C ports, again assuming this leak is on the money.

There's also speculation that the incoming MacBook Pro will make use of Touch ID for better security, via a fingerprint reader on the machine.

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