Breffo launches iPad 2 Spiderpodium stand and in-car grip

iPad 2 Spiderpodium stand doubles up as a handy in-car grip for your new Apple tablet

Peripherals specialist Breffo has launched a new arachnid-inspired iPad 2 stand and in-car grip, just in time for the arrival of Apple's latest iteration of the iPad.

Apple's iPad 2 finally launches in the UK this week, with queues expected outside Apple Stores across the UK at 5pm on Friday 26 March.


If you are in the market for a new tablet stand, which can also double up as an in-car grip - allowing you to attach your shiny new iPad 2 to your dashboard or to the back of a seat, to keep the kids happy on long journeys - then you might well want to consider investing in Breffo's new SpiderpodiumTablet.

Breffo's latest tablet stand weighs almost nothing and can be bent into almost any shape you require, depending on where you want to use your iPad 2.

Breffo's Spiderpodium Tablet costs £14.99 also comes in two colours – graphite and black.

Via Breffo