Microsoft Surface Phone could be alive and packing a projector

The Microsoft Surface Phone has been rumored on and off for years, but with no news so far this year it was easy to assume the project was dead. Yet we’re now hearing about it again, and apparently it’s not only alive, but has a built-in projector.

That’s based on Google’s translation of a post on a Chinese website, since removed, but screenshotted by WalkingCat on Twitter.

The text, which actually calls it the Surface Mobile, mentions “onto table” projection capabilities when using Continuum.

Typically, Continuum lets you plug a Windows handset into a monitor and use it like a desktop PC. With this projection you can presumably skip the monitor and display the screen on any flat surface. Though possibly not for very long, as apparently it works for “more than an hour” in this mode.

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Pens, stands and multiple models

The leak also mentions that the Surface Phone will come with a Surface Pen, much like Microsoft’s tablet range, which could make it a real Samsung Galaxy Note 8 competitor.

There’s also talk of “185 degrees”, which could mean there will be some kind of stand for the phone – likely required to use the projector.

As for specs, Qualcomm Snapdragon is namechecked, though a specific chipset isn’t, so while this sounds like it should be a powerful handset we can’t be sure of that from this leak.

There may also be more than one model of the Surface Phone, with the leak mentioning both the Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia. We’ve heard talk of multiple models before, so that’s possible.

Of course, a clunky translation of a deleted post isn’t a huge amount to go on, but it at least gives us hope that the Surface Phone is alive. With no other recent information though we wouldn’t expect to see it any time soon.

James Rogerson

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