Microsoft promises better gaming on Windows 10 with upcoming ‘Game Mode’

With the upcoming Creators Update, Microsoft says it’s aiming to make Windows 10 “the best Windows ever for gaming” by introducing a new Game Mode as well as teasing Beam, its own alternative to Twitch-style game broadcasting.

Specific details about Game Mode and how it’ll work are currently pretty thin, although Microsoft promises it will “optimise your Windows 10 PC for increased performance in gaming”. The new mode is already popping up in the latest Windows 10 preview build (15007), although, as it isn’t yet fully implemented, it’s not clear if activating the feature actually does anything.

Microsoft acquired Beam in August of last year. While it's similar in many ways to the popular game-streaming service Twitch, Beam will also allow viewers to participate in the action in various unique ways, such as crowdsourcing in-game decisions or even playing along.

Xbox One shares the fun

Beam will be coming to both Windows 10 and Xbox One as part of the Creators Update that’s due sometime between March and May 2017, and will integrate with your Xbox Live account without the need for any extra software. 

The Xbox One will also see updates to Microsoft’s Arena service, an organized tournament platform, and an overhaul that aims to streamline the ‘Guide’ feature – both of which promise improvements in social connectivity and overall optimisation.

These announcements are apparently just the tip of the iceberg, with Microsoft claiming to have “a few surprises on the horizon” for the Creators Update and assuring us that it's “just getting started”.

Harry Domanski
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