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Microsoft is working to refine this divisive Edge feature

Edge Vertical Tabs
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The way in which users switch between vertical tabs and horizontal tabs in Microsoft Edge (opens in new tab) could be about to change as the software giant is currently in the process of tweaking this feature.

First launched back in March of this year, vertical tabs (opens in new tab) are one of the best features in Microsoft's browser (opens in new tab) as they allow users to make better use of the screen space on their laptop or monitor and this is especially true on ultrawide monitors (opens in new tab)

By clicking on the button in the top left corner of Edge with multiple tabs open, users can switch to using vertical tabs where they can see the full descriptions of the sites they have open. However, now it appears that Microsoft is experimenting with this button by giving it additional functionality.

Tab actions menu

While testing out the latest Edge Canary build, Reddit user Leopeva64-2 (opens in new tab) discovered that Microsoft has added extra options to the button in the top left corner of Edge.

Now when clicking on the button, the browser opens Edge's tab actions menu which in addition to allowing users to switch between vertical and horizontal tabs, also gives them the option to view recently closed items or to add all open tabs to a collection (opens in new tab).

These new options could come in handy for Edge users though they may make things difficult for those that constantly switch between vertical and horizontal tabs as they now have to click twice to do so, slowing down their productivity (opens in new tab). However, Microsoft may allow this menu to be customizable if and when it ships in the browser's stable channel.

Features that are tested out in Edge's Canary channel often get changed quite a bit before shipping to all Edge users, so we'll have to wait and see whether Microsoft decides to leave the button like it is or to add extra options.

Via Windows Central (opens in new tab)

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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