Microsoft Edge menu will soon make it way easier to manage your downloads

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Managing downloads is about to get a whole lot easier for Microsoft Edge users as Microsoft has begun rolling out a new flyout menu for downloads in its browser.

The feature is currently being tested by Edge Canary users in a controlled rollout and it will likely be made available to all Edge users in a future release.

Edge's new flyout menu will allow users to manage downloaded files directly from their browser and they'll also be able to view the progress of each download.

Edge Flyout Menu for Downloads

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Managing downloads

Microsoft Edge's new downloads menu was first discovered by a Reddit user who goes by the handle Leopeva64-2 who shared several screenshots of it in a post on the site.

According to Leopeva64-2, Edge users will be able to pin the downloads button to the browser's taskbar to perform quick actions such as seeing the progress of downloads or clicking on shortcuts to other tasks like clearing their download history.

The new flyout menu will also help boost productivity as users will be able to open the folder a file is saved in or easily remove an item from their downloads list.

Based on the fact that this feature is now rolling out to some Edge Canary users, Microsoft could soon implement its new flyout menu for downloads in the stable version of its browser soon.

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