Microsoft Edge now lets you sync tabs across all your devices

Microsoft Edge
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Edge users now have an easier way to access all of their tabs and browsing history from other devices thanks to a new update from Microsoft.

According to Windows Latest, a new server-side update is currently rolling out to Microsoft Edge stable that makes it possible to sync your browsing history and tabs across Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. However, you will need to sign into Edge using your Microsoft account across all of your devices to use this feature.

Since Chromium Edge was first released last year, history and tab syncing is one key feature that has been missing from Microsoft's revamped browser.

Edge Canary users first gained the ability to sync history and tabs back in October of last year and it now appears that the feature is coming to the stable version of Edge.

History and tab syncing

The ability to sync browsing history and tabs is now being activated automatically in the stable version of Edge for some users. If this feature isn't turned on by default in your browser though, you can go to Edge's settings menu and enable it by toggling History and Open tabs on.

Once the feature is enabled, you can start syncing your history and tabs between both your desktop and mobile devices that are logged into the same Microsoft account. It's worth noting that syncing will only work once this feature is enabled in all installations of the browser.

As Microsoft is now rolling out history and tab syncing to select users, the feature will likely be enabled in future builds of the browser or server-side updates on the software giant's end.

History and tab syncing will be included in Edge 88 along with a password monitor when the next version of Edge is released later this month.

Via Windows Latest

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