MediaTek reportedly wants to make chips for ARM-based Windows PCs

MediaTek chipset
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MediaTek introduced its 4nm-based Dimensity 9000 chipset for flagship phones on the first day of its Executive Summit in California and while the company is set to make more announcements at the ongoing event, one thing that it has already confirmed is its intention to make ARM-based chip for Windows PCs.

A report from XDA Developers, quoting a top executive of the Taiwanese semiconductor company, revealed MediaTek’s plans of making a shift from x86 to ARM-based Windows PCs. 

Eric Fisher, Vice President of Corporate Sales and Business development reportedly said “Apple has shown the world that it can be done.” He is said to have added: “The Wintel partnership that’s gone on for so long has to be under some pressure, and when there’s pressure, there’s an opportunity for companies like ours.”

The tech publication also talked to a couple of other executives to conclude MediaTek doesn’t want to miss on the competition that is currently being ridden by Qualcomm. 

When and How?

MediaTek’s smartphone business picked up, especially after the company forayed into the flagship tier with its Dimensity chipsets. It currently enjoys a record 43% market share (as of Q2 2021) and keeps on upping the ante with more flagship processor launches.

And, now with a great clutch on the mobile phones chip segment, the Taiwanese fables semiconductor company wants to expand its expertise in PC chips as well. It’s not like the company has nothing to start with. MediaTek is already investing in Chromebooks and building 5G modems for Intel-powered PCs. This suggests the company has a strong foothold in the industry and it just needs to climb it with all the right tactics. 

Currently, Qualcomm dominates the ARM-based Windows PCs industry. And, with its recent announcement, it appears the incumbent is setting the stage on fire. Qualcomm chief officer Dr. James Thompson announced at its recently held 2021 Investor Day event that the company wants to become the preferred platform for PCs with its new generation of ARM-based laptops and desktops.

However, the company has received mixed reception so far. It started its journey with Snapdragon 835 and is now betting on its high-end Snapdragon 8cx and entry-level Snapdragon 7c. 

It can’t be said exactly when MediaTek will help OEMs to bring their first ARM-based Windows PC. Presumably, whenever it starts, it might bring something that could fight the likes of Snapdragon 7c. MediaTek would need to bring something that could help define its unique identity in the space, which is currently being ruled by Qualcomm. 

In related coverage, not so long ago we heard that Microsoft was working with AMD to develop an ARM processor for its laptops. The details on the exact core configuration are unknown but it was reported the company could use the Cortex-X1 core. So, looks like MediaTek doesn’t just have one visible competitor in the business. 

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