Looking for a laptop? 5 tips that will help you grab a bargain on Black Friday


As you are probably aware, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two days in the shopping calendar that can’t be ignored if you’re in the market for a killer tech deal.

This is year is promising to be one of the best for laptops, with prices set to be slashed on everything from older budget models to sleek and modern devices sporting the latest processors and mobile graphics cards. 

Without further ado, here are our five tips to follow leading up to Black Friday to grab a lustworthy laptop that won’t break the bank.

1. Check out the leaks

You aren’t the only person researching how to pick up a great Black Friday laptop deal at this moment in time. The secret is out, so you would do well to arm yourself with advanced knowledge of which online retailers are going to be offering laptops for less at the end of the month. Stock is likely to be limited too, so the faster you click the ‘buy’ button, the better. So far, we know that Dell and Staples have leaked a host of tasty laptop deals set to go live on Black Friday. Keep searching ‘leaked Black Friday laptop deals’ in Google and hit the ‘News’ button to stay in the loop.

2. Aim for more modest tech on Black Friday itself

If you want to secure a bargain on Black Friday itself, you will have more success by targeting relatively modest tech. Think to yourself: do you really need a laptop with the latest Kaby Lake processor? Machines packing Intel’s 7th-gen CPUs have only just hit the shelves, so expect to pay near-full price for them.

You’re much more likely to get a bargain by hunting down laptops with 6th-gen Skylake processors, or even 5th-gen Broadwell variants. The difference in processing power isn’t going to be huge, but more modern laptops may last an hour or two longer in the battery life department. Instead of looking for a laptop with a 4K display, search for one that’s Full HD. Don’t opt for a laptop with 16GB, as 8GB is fine for every day computing tasks. 

3. Target a mainstream machine from Cyber Monday onward

The hype around Black Friday may have convinced you that the latest laptops with 4K displays, capacious SSDs and Nvidia GTX graphics cards will be offered at bargain-bin prices, but it’s unlikely to happen on November 25. Instead you’re much more likely to pick up a discounted mainstream machine from Cyber Monday (November 28) onward, a time when it’s traditionally been possible to pick up something a little more fancy and capable under the hood.

4. Bookmark manufacturers’ and retailers’ websites

Black Friday has been associated with retailers and supermarkets in recent years, but this year you are equally likely to find a killer bargain from manufacturers directly. Create a folder in your browser’s bookmarks bar named ‘Deals’ and set to work bookmarking laptop makers’ websites. This will allow you to open every bookmark in your folder come Black Friday with a right click, giving you an instant view of what’s out there.

Moreover, many Black Friday deals will only be available on online. Dell, for example, is offering its Inspiron 15 3000 at better than half price on dell.co.uk. And, as is typical, it will be only be available while stocks last.

5. Tool up with browser extensions

You aren’t going to succeed on Black Friday unless you have the right tools for the job. By installing browser extensions – small add-ons for Firefox or Chrome – you can keep track of the multitude of deals on Black Friday without having sprawling tabs open all over your desktop.