LG's better OLED display tech will be in every new TV

(Image credit: LG)

LG Display has confirmed that all new OLED displays produced at its plants will feature improved performance and brightness now that the company has completed the transition to its more efficient OLED.EX technology. 

A statement for LG confirmed it had completed the transition to the new tech during the second quarter 2022, meaning that all new panels it now produces will feature OLED.EX. 

LG, who provide panels to the likes of Hisense, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, and Vizio, as well producing for its own branded TVs, claim that OLED.EX offers up to 30% higher brightness than regular OLED displays.

The tech makes use of deuterium, a substance that’s an isotope of hydrogen in atomic structure but packs an additional neutron particle (hence the nickname of ‘heavy water’ when water is enriched with deuterium rather than the more common protium version of hydrogen). 

Deuterium replaces the more common hydrogen in the creation of OLED TVs, enabling an increase in brightness. OLED.EX panels also make use of new algorithms to stabilize the OLED pixels, letting the company's panels predict and precisely fire the lighting patterns of millions of pixels.

LG first unveiled its OLED.EX technology back in December last year, and is seen by many industry watchers as a response to Samsung’s QLED technology, with TV's featuring the rival panels beginning to feature on our best TVs list

Analysis: Cyber Monday shoppers need to be smart about enhanced new OLED TV tech

With many weighing up the purchase of a new OLED TV right now thanks a deluge of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, discerning shoppers will be wanting to make sure their new purchase features an improved OLED.EX panel with boosted brightness and accuracy.

While all OLED TV’s made using LG panels from this point are likely to feature the improved displays, it’s worth remembering that current stocks on retailer shelves may have been assembled before the switch or use older stockpiled panels.  

With that in mind, it’s worth doing your research and perhaps checking in with your chosen retailer for confirmation on whether that OLED TV you have your eye on may be blessed with an older or newer panel before dropping your hard-earned readies on it.

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