LG ProBeam fixes the one thing everyone hates about projectors

(Image credit: LG)

Projectors have always been intriguing alternatives for the home theater enthusiast not wanting to commit wall space to an immobile display. 

However, those ideas are usually nixed the minute you try to get something showing on the wall with a home projector, only to have it washed out by ambient daylight.

To combat this, LG  just announced the ProBeam, a laser engine video projector capable of emitting a whopping 2,000 lumens of brightness - an amount LG claims will keep a clear image even in a bright room.

While that level of brightness isn't a first - or even the brightest - among projectors, it's the kind of lamp more common in business-minded (read: very expensive and bulky) models. 

Unlike most business projectors, however, the ProBeam has a more table-friendly vertical build in place of that wide and horizontal frame we're used to, and weighs only 4.6 lbs. 

In addition to a bright lamp, lighter build, and vertical shape, the ProBeam also features Bluetooth connectivity for your speakers or headphones.

The ProBeam also uses LG's webOS software - seen in the company's smart TVs - to ensure you won't be without the usual staples of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and whatnot.

While LG hasn't mentioned prices yet, it appears the ProBeam is being marketed for home and leisure use, which could lead to a more consumer-level price - but that's not a guarantee. 

Curious to see if the ProBeam is up to snuff? The sleek laser projector will be on display at LG's booth January 5 - January 8 during CES 2017.

Just do yourself a favor and avoid staring directly into the ProBeam's lens. If LG's claims about its brightness are correct, that could be an easy ticket to Retinal Damage-ville.

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