Kiddo wants to make it easier for parents to supplement their children’s learning

(Image credit: Kiddo)

Dubai-based Leo Technologies Ltd this week announced the launch of its latest app Kiddo, which aims to make it easier for parents to evaluate various kid-friendly activities around the city.

The app will offer activities across six key categories - academics, science and technology, performing arts, fun and play, arts and crafts, and sports. Parents are able to choose from over 120 providers at launch, and can make payments via Apple Pay, debit and credit cards. The app also introduces a payment method known as ‘KiddoPay’, which allows parents to pay for services in installment. The app will also be able to remind parents on due payments, in order to avoid incurring extra charges.

(Image credit: Kiddo)

Parents are able to create individual kid profiles based on likes and interests, which the app then uses to recommend relevant activities. They are then able to share reviews and ratings across the platform with other users, and can even select activities based on recommendations from family and friends.

Aarti Shah, Founder and CEO said: “Kiddo is designed keeping in mind the challenges today’s parents encounter in planning and booking the activities and thus having limited quality time with their children. Kiddo revolutionizes the way parents pay, by providing a seamless, secure and hassle-free mobile payment option. Whether it’s fees or extracurricular activities, there’s no more awkward follow ups, endless paperwork or shock subs – everything is completely digital, convenient, and secured.”

Kiddo will also be launching gift vouchers called KiddoCard to present to friends, family and loved ones, which can be spent on the app. Kiddo is available for Android and iOS by clicking here.

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