iPhone XI could come with a fast charger in the box

It looks like Apple might finally start sticking a fast charger in the box with its iPhones, which might sound logical, yet while the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus all support fast charging, you have to buy said charger separately. But for the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Plus and iPhone 9 (or whatever they launch as) that might change.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of a fast charger coming in the box, but Macotakara – which has a solid track record with Apple leaks – has reiterated the claim, citing supplier information.

However, the site goes on to add that while Apple’s upcoming handsets might get the charger – believed to be an 18W one – bundled in the box, the company might not sell it separately, at least not for a while, as apparently its suppliers don’t have the capacity to build any extra ones.

Other options

So if you were hoping to buy an extra one or if you’ve got an older iPhone and wanted to get one of these chargers for it, you might not be able to.

You’ll presumably still be able to buy the older fast charger, which is a 30W one, and it’s not clear how the charging speeds of the upcoming 18W one will compare, but if you were planning to hold out for the new one you might want to reconsider.

Whatever charger(s) you end up with though they should be a lot faster than the 5W ones that Apple currently puts in its iPhone boxes.

Via Phone Arena

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