iPhone 8 could make you wait to unlock two key upgrades

It’s expected to be a big year for Apple. It’s the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and as such the iPhone 8 looks set to be a very special model, packed full of more tech and features than usual. But that ambition has unsurprisingly caused problems and two of the big new features of the phone might not be ready in time for launch.

While the hardware is apparently in reasonable shape, a source speaking to Fast Company claims that certain elements of the software aren’t ready. Most notably the software that powers the long-rumored wireless charging isn't up to scratch yet.

Apparently, Apple is using the Qi wireless charging standard, or some version of it, so don’t expect the fancy long-range charging that was the subject of early rumors.

But even Apple’s seemingly more conventional solution isn’t quite ready on the software side, so the company might ship the iPhone 8 with wireless charging tech built in, but only enable the feature later once the software has been perfected.

We heard a similar rumor not long ago, and it’s believable, as Apple did the same for Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus – building the required hardware into the phone, but only enabling the software once it was in a state the company was happy with.

More software stumbles

It's not just the wireless charging software that’s proving problematic, as the front-facing 3D sensor apparently isn't ready either. This is another long-rumored feature, believed to be used for facial recognition, and while the source wouldn’t confirm that they did claim that the hardware is fine but the software isn’t.

That too could be enabled after the launch of the iPhone 8 then, though the source reckons the 3D sensor’s software will probably be ready in time.

And even if both of those features are disabled at launch, arguably the biggest feature of the iPhone 8 is seemingly in better shape, with the source saying that “in all likelihood” the fingerprint scanner would be built into the screen.

Whatever shape the iPhone 8 launches in you shouldn’t have too long to wait for it, with a September or October launch likely.

James Rogerson

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