World's fastest internet cable to run at 17Tbps


If you thought your 5Mbps home broadband connection was fast, then think again and take a look at a new Google-backed 17Tbps fat pipe destined for southeast Asia.

Admittedly, the undersea Southeast Asia Japan Cable (SJC) is intended to be shared by more than a few people when it hooks up Singapore, Japan and points in between in 2012, but it's still an impressive feat.

Upgrade on the cards

The $400m (£245m) is being funded by Google and various Asian partners in an effort to improve internet connections in countries including Thailand and the Philippines.

With a capacity equivalent to a quarter of a billion normal phone lines, the 17Tbps SJC connection will span more than 5,000 miles of cable and could be upgraded to run as fast as 23Tbps should there be a need in future.