Land grab kicks off as new .game domain is introduced


Fancy bagging your own .game domain? Well, now you can, as the new Top-Level Domain (TLD) is available for usage for those involved in the gaming community in one way or another.

Domain name peddler Uniregistry is holding court over .game domains and the firm noted that on the first day of launch, most major game industry players had already grabbed their big-name titles.

Blizzard, for example, nabbed the Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm domain names in the early trademark registration period, subsequently grabbing on the team-based shooter's launch day.

Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto were reserved by Activision and Take-Two Interactive respectively, and naturally Microsoft grabbed Minecraft, with Square Enix having no hesitation in snagging Final Fantasy.

Console yourself

Apple also bought up, and Microsoft and Sony registered the Xbox and PlayStation domain names respectively. Other launch day registrations included and

Amanda Fessenden, Director of Registry Business Operations for Uniregistry, commented: "While we are excited to see existing gaming companies acquire their .game domain names, we are even more excited by what will come next – the creation of websites, marketing campaigns, and games themselves built on these great domains."

There are certainly some individuals who are making good use of the new domains, for example Georgia Van Cuylenberg, a voice actor who has worked with the Final Fantasy and Star Wars franchises in the past, bagged to advertise her skills.

You can scope out whether your potential .game domain has already been taken at the Uniregistry website.

Via: Polygon

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