Gamigo breach exposed 8.24 million passwords, and now they're public

Security breach
Millions of Gamigo passwords stolen back in February have finally been made public

Gamigo, an online game publisher based in Germany, was the subject of a security breach back in late February - but apparently, the worse was yet to come.

After notifying its customers about the security breach back on March 1 via email, the email addresses and encrypted passwords of all 8.24 million accounts have finally been made public this week.

The Gamigo breach pales in comparison to similar attacks on websites ranging from eHarmony to Yahoo and LinkedIn, who was, until this week, one of the largest with 6.46 million passwords exposed.

More than 8 million Gamigo accounts were posted to SendSpace as a 478MB text file, which was quickly pulled. But not before a breakdown of the breach could be assessed.

Was your email exposed?

A quick analysis of the "ALL.txt" file by PwnedList shows that U.S. customers are by far the most compromised, with three million email addresses ending in .com, mostly from big names such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Gamigo already forced users to reset their passwords, but for customers who use the same login information on other sites, it's a good idea to change those credentials as soon as possible.

To check if your email has been compromised, head over to the PwnedList website, which added the Gamigo breach to its massive database of more than 23 million exposed email addresses.

Via ZDNet