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Facebook vote supports revised terms for users

Facebook's users didn't exactly turn out en masse

As expected, Facebook users who bothered to vote on the new terms and conditions of the site have opted overwhelmingly to support new documents that allow them - and not Facebook's operators - to have ownership of anything they post on the SNS giant.

Of 600,000 people who registered a preference in the poll last week 75 per cent backed the new terms that reversed an earlier move which appeared to turn over all content, including images, videos and text, to Facebook's owners.

Listening to users

That February document came under immediate criticism from users, which prompted Facebook to heed their warnings and offer the revised terms instead.

Announcing the unofficial result, the company's head lawyer Ted Ullyot said: "We're pleased that users supported the proposed documents and validated our efforts to respond to their concerns. You can expect to see the new documents on the site in the coming weeks."

Low turnout

Nevertheless, a turnout of only 600,000 out of over 200 million active users is just 0.3 per cent, which is not likely to promote confidence in the idea of online voting. Or could it be that they just didn't care too much about a pumped-up little website?