Netscape Navigator brought back to life

The beta version of Netscape Navigator 9 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users

After years in decline, veteran web browser Netscape Navigator is about to make a comeback. But is it too late to really compete with Internet Explorer et al?

With a new look, Netscape Navigator 9 is now being released as a beta version for Mac, Windows and Linux. It returns to its old days as a pure web browser.

Among the new additions is an improved user interface, and the ability to share and vote for websites that you think are interesting, informative, funny, or just look nice. There is also RSS support and automatic correction of misspelled URLs (such as htp:// and .cmo).

There's support for Firefox extensions in Netscape Navigator 9, which is possible since the two browsers are built upon the same code.

In order to run Netscape Navigator 9.0b1 you'll need Mac OS X 10.2 or later and 128MB of RAM. For Windows and Linux users, a PC with at least 233MHz and 64MB of RAM is required.