BT Vision serves up free movie downloads

BT Vision is offering free movie downloads as part of a three-month trial

BT Vision's iTunes-style movie and TV download store is branching out into free content supported by adverts. So far just three movies have been made available as part of a three-month trial, but it could eventually lead to more free content being released in this way in future.

The three movies - Mischief Night, Played and The Punk Rock Movie - can be downloaded from the BT Vision Download Store now, but you'll also need to grab the Hiro Media film software from the same site to see the films in full flow.

Naturally the free movie downloads are only open to PC users who have Windows 2000 or higher, alongside Windows Media Player 9. Yet again, Mac and Linux users are excluded.

BT says once the films have been downloaded there are no further restrictions - you can watch them as many times as you like in a month, and even share them with friends. However you will have to complete a demographic survey so you can be targeted with adverts that suit your interests, the ads changing dynamically every time that you watch.

Ad-free content too

You will, of course, still be able to buy advert-free content from the BT Vision Download Store, from individual TV episodes to blockbuster Hollywood movies. Prices start from as little as £1