Tory party: We'll put UK Health records online

Will a UK government Google Health arrive?
Will a UK government Google Health arrive?

The UK will finally be granted online access to their NHS medical records, if the Conservative Party triumphs at the next general election.

The Tories have proposed to give people access to look at their data, with suggestions that an IT giant like Microsoft or Google hosts the information.

There is also talk that patients will be able to make their own notes or suggestions – perhaps bringing the slightly worrying concept of user generated content in healthcare.


Shadow Health Minister Stephen O'Brien will set out the proposals, and he insisted that the current government were clinging onto the past with personal data.

"Giving patients greater control over their health records is crucial if we are to make the NHS more patient-centred," said O'Brien.

"Labour's attitude to our personal data is misguided. They seem to think they own it and, all too often, they have been appallingly careless in looking after it.

"The Government's monolithic and costly IT system doesn't involve patients at all. Yet in patients' hands, health records could do so much more.

"We would have a clearer picture of our health and our care and we would be able to add information to help doctors treat us better.

"This could make a huge difference in helping us understand how to live healthier lifestyles."


Although the likes of the US already have health information access online, the security of that information and who holds it are always going to raise concerns.

Both Microsoft and Google are trusted IT companies, but that doesn't mean that the public will be happy with a third party hosting their most personal information.

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