Streamlined Facebook Lite hits the UK

Facebook Lite. More like Twitter, less like fun
Facebook Lite. More like Twitter, less like fun

The stream-lined, fat-free version of Facebook, Facebook Lite, has launched in the UK.

There were reports today that the Lite version of the world's biggest social-networking site had arrived in the US and India, but now the URL seems to be working for the UK as well.

The main things you will notice with Facebook Lite is how clean it is. It's mainly a list of status updates, picture posts and the like.

It definitely looks like Facebook, but the feel of it is very much like Twitter.

In a statement about the new version of the site, Facebook said: "Similar to the Facebook experience you get on your mobile phones, Facebook 'Lite' is a fast-loading, simplified version of Facebook that enables people to make comments, accept Friend requests, write on people's Walls, and look at photos and status updates.

Facebook lite

The statement continues: "We are currently testing Facebook Lite in countries where we are seeing lots of new users coming to Facebook for the first time and are looking to start off with a more simple experience."

The main things of note which have disappeared include the suggestions box on the right-hand side, alongside the suggestion box. And there is no option to chat with your mates.

There's also a complete lack of the more light-hearted aspects of Facebook – like the quizzes. But this can only be a good thing.

Marc Chacksfield

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