Spotify preps Symbian and iPhone apps

Spotify heading to iPhone soon
Spotify heading to iPhone soon

If Spotify were to get any better in the near future then it would have to do one thing and one thing only – be made available on mobile devices and offer the option to temporarily save your playlists when you were offline or away from a 3G network.

Which, happily for TechRadar, is exactly what the company is planning to do.

TechCrunch UK reports that: "Ever since hot streaming music startup Spotify hired a director of portable solutions you just knew they were going to do something cool in mobile. And frankly there is no cooler place to do it right now than on the iPhone.

"There have been rumblings of an iPhone app for the service especially on Swedish blogs. Spotify is based in Stockholm. News that they are hiring a Symbian S60 specialist also indicates that Symbian will join the platform."

Save your playlists offline

A Spotify iPhone app is rumoured to be made available at a cost to the services' premium users, offering the standard streaming of the entire library and access to playlists.

Most excitingly, as TechCrunch claims, will be: "The ability to cache playlists," so you can save tracks and albums temporarily to your iPhone to then listen to if and when you are out of range.

Check out the video demo over on TechCrunch.

via TechCrunch

Adam Hartley