Sky's Now TV is ready to Roku

Sky's Now TV is ready to Roku
Another platform for Now

Sky's internet TV service Now TV is, er, now available on Roku streaming players, bringing Sky Movies and more to your TV via the dinky streamers.

Available from today in the Roku Channel Store, the new app will let you watch Now TV on the television, alongside companion apps already out for iPhone, iPad, YouView PC, Mac and a selection of Android devices.

Although there's a 30 day free trial on offer, you'll have to sign up to Sky's service to get much use out of it – there's currently an introductory offer of £8.99 a month for three months on, and after that it goes up to £15 a month.

Shutter Island in the stream

There's no minimum contract though, so you can cancel that at any time – and Sky's hoping you won't because it's bringing a whole host of extra programming, including Sky Sports, to Now TV in the coming months.

The Sky/Roku hook up won't come as a huge surprise to anyone who recalls BSkyB investing multiple millions of pounds into the company earlier this year.

Roku isn't such a huge name in the UK having launched only in February 2012, but its boxes are excellent value media streamers which will be a plus for anyone considering Now TV as an alternative to full on Sky for financial reasons.

The Now TV app is compatible with the Roku LT and Roku 2XS boxes, available for £49.99 and £99.99 respectively.

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