Phones dominate 3D searches while gaming and movies lag behind

Phones dominate 3D searches while gaming and movies lag behind
HTC Evo 3D - grabbing attention

The HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D have emerged as two of the top three 3D search terms in the UK over the last three months.

The Evo 3D and Optimus 3D each turned up twice in the top 20 3D-related UK search terms across all search engines in the 12 weeks ending 20 August, according to data from Experian Hitwise exclusively provided to TechRadar.

The handsets took a total of 4.3 per cent of all 3D searches by UK internet users over the 12 week period - the total number of searches across all search engines during that period is nigh on impossible to pin down but averages out at around 6.6 billion.


The hitherto unsuspected public appetite for the two phones has ranked them just under 3D TV in public interest, but above Sky 3D, 3D games and 3D as a generic phrase in the chart.

What does it all mean? Well, we can explain some of the popularity of the two phones by looking at their launch dates; both handsets hit the shops during the monitored period, but the Optimus 3D was first launched at Mobile World Congress back in February and is still generating interest.

Even so, the figures were surprising to us; we'd have guessed that Sky 3D and a number of 3D movies and games would come ahead of the two phones - after all, we're constantly being spun the line that 3D TV and cinema are here to stay and content is king, with marketing budgets to match.

Instead, only one game-related term ('3D games') made the cut at number six, while Piranha 3D was the only film to make it into the top 20 (at number seven).

It's surprising not to see more gaming and movie titles in the list - particularly given that one of the top 20 was 'Silver cross 3D' which, a quick Google search revealed, is a kind of pram.


James Murray, Marketing Research Analyst for Experian Hitwise commented: "The 3D market is rapidly diversifying and whereas last year the focus was very much on 3D films and 3D TVs, this year new 3D products like mobiles are grabbing the attentions of UK consumers.

"Our search data suggests that TVs are still the primary 3D product that people want to purchase, accounting for 10 per cent of all 3D searches online, but as more 3D mobile handsets come onto the market this could be the new dominant 3D platform."

The top 20 3D search terms in order are as follows:

  1. 3D TV
  2. LG Optimus 3D
  3. HTC Evo 3D
  4. Sky 3D
  5. 3D
  6. 3D games
  7. Piranha 3D
  8. 3D shapes
  9. 3D glasses
  10. 3D printer
  11. Samsung 3D glasses
  12. Harry Potter 3D glasses
  13. Silver Cross 3D
  14. LG 3D phone
  15. 3D TV without glasses
  16. 3D pictures
  17. Samsung 3D TV
  18. 3D warehouse
  19. 3D printing
  20. HTC Evo 3D UK
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