LinkedIn learns to ration its spam

LinkedIn too many emails

LinkedIn is undeniably a useful networking tool, however, as we all know, the company doesn't just act as the middle man and let connections get on with it. LinkedIn happens to also love communicating directly with its users. All of the time. Usually via email.

But now LinkedIn has actually listened to customer feedback and decided to scale back on their emails with more of a digest approach.

It announced in a blog post on the site that it's set to "make changes so that the emails you receive are more infrequent and more relevant."

Less spamming

That means there'll be a lot less...

"So and so would like to connect".

"So and so has sent you a message".

"So and so wrote a succinct but witty piece of advertising posing as a useful how-to".

"We thought you might like even more people to connect with".

"Here's what happened when you stepped away from us for 5 minutes".

OK, so maybe not that last one, but all these notifications add up. We've all been on the receiving end of a company whose wealth of automated emails just pile up in our inboxes, reminding us we haven't thought about the brand in oh, the last hour or so. It gets very boring trying to mark them all as read as soon as they come in.

Whilst no company should be without its email communication channels and some people do love their notifications, it was becoming too much for active users of the platform.

Let's hope this makes for a more efficient and less rage-inducing user experience, without the feeling of dread whenever an email from them does come through.