ITN brings Christmas to YouTube and iPhone

ITN gets into the Christmas spirit
ITN gets into the Christmas spirit

ITN has teamed up with YouTube and Jerusalem Productions to bring a Christmas themed channel to the video-streaming site.

The channel is to feature 200 pieces of professional content, with subjects ranging from cooking, toys, the meaning of Christmas, pantomimes and TV.

As it's Christmas, a number of the shows will have a religious slant, with shows on the channel including A Small Miracle, a children's animation first screened on ITV on Christmas Eve 2002 and Xmas Files, an animation which first broadcast on Five.

For those who think that logging into the internet via a computer is so 2008, the channel will also be available as an Apple iPhone app.

Original commissions

"This collaboration illustrates how organisations like Jerusalem Productions can engage audiences directly in the digital space by partnering with ITN On," said Mark Browning, Commercial Director of ITN On about the project.

"With their support we can try out a whole host of exciting new video ideas developed by our in-house team of creatives. Through our relationship with YouTube and our success with existing iPhone apps, we look forward to generating millions of views from this set of originally commissioned content this Christmas."

Point your browse to to see what Christmas capers ITN has to offer.

Or, if you're a bit like us, you'll bookmark the site and click on it closer to the time while shouting at the screen "IT'S STILL ONLY NOVEMBER!"

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