In defence of Twitter Music

Yes, well, I agree with you there but plenty of people don't - that's how these artists get to be trending. And if you ever need to be down with the kids then hey, guys, here's a shortcut! That's the glass half full view, champ.


Don't worry, I obscured the worst ones for you

If you like Twitter Music so much, why don't you just marry it?

All right, calm down. I do like Twitter Music, but it's far from perfect. If you don't subscribe to Spotify or Rdio, you can only listen to 30 second snippets of songs through iTunes. And if you decide you like a song, there's no way to add it to your library or star it for later - you have to physically go into Spotify or Rdio to search for it and add it to a playlist that you've made yourself, which is very unwieldy.

There's no offline mode so it won't be so much of an on-the-go mobile app for many people as a play-through-your-speaker-system or just-use-the-web-app option. The app is only optimised for iPhone, not iPad, and there's no Android app at all yet.

If you decide you don't like a song, there's no way to feed that back so you don't get similar recommendations in the future.

A lot of the "emerging" music shared on Twitter comes from Soundcloud, which isn't integrated (although we suspect it will be in the near future), and YouTube, which isn't part of the app either. It's not clear if artists that don't have Twitter accounts are excluded from the service altogether. We've asked Twitter about all these things and received only stock replies that shed no extra light on the matters.

This closed-door approach doesn't really help anyone. If we knew how Twitter Music was forming its view of us, we could guide it so our recommendations were better and we'd all be happier.

So… what you're saying is…

What I'm saying is that this fairly laboured conversation device has run its course.

Just as no one realistically listened to the We Are Hunted Spotify app all day every day, I suspect that very few people are going to start listening to Twitter Music as default. I certainly won't be. But it's a nice-looking app that has the potential to be great after a few tweaks and a bit more clarity about how it generates your personal recommendations.

In the course of just one afternoon, it has reminded me about a band I used to really like and led me to four songs by artists that I wouldn't necessarily have discovered otherwise. And isn't that the point?

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