Girls like online reading more than boys do

Girls like reading online more than boys

Girls like reading online more than boys, according to new research from the Literacy Trust.

Having asked 32,000 school-age children about their reading habits, the research found that the most commonly read materials outside school are lyrics (because those pencil cases aren't going to write on themselves) and tech-based formats like text messages (72.6%), websites (60.2%) and social networks (53.6%).

Girls are generally more into reading "digital formats", the research found. More girls reported reading texts, websites, emails, IMs and social networks than boys; boys were more likely to have their noses stuck in a newspaper, comic or manual. So, basically, schoolboys have prematurely become your dad.

In fact, kids said they were reading more websites, text messages, emails, social networking posts, IMs, blogs and ebooks than ever before - but, then again, they also reported reading more fiction, comics, lyrics, manuals and non-fiction than ever before too.

The only things to see a decline in readership compared to the 2013 study were magazines (RIP).

Via The Guardian

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