eBay launches bespoke version of IE8

Optimized [sic] for eBay
Optimized [sic] for eBay

Online auction site eBay has launched its own bespoke version of Internet Explorer 8 with all of its high-profile add-ons pre-installed.

The launch of IE8 has seen numerous mentions of eBay, a company that has produced a visual search option, Accelerator and Web Slice, to take advantage of the new functionality of Microsoft's next generation browser.

However, for those people who simply can't go and press the download button three times, there is now a fully packaged version of IE8 available with all of the functionality needed to search the auction site and stay updated with any bids.

Landing page

EBay has set up a special landing page for the customised browser, which says: "Try out the new Internet Explorer 8 optimized for eBay.

"Browsing the Internet and eBay is quick, safe, and easy with Internet Explorer 8. Whichever site you're on, Internet Explorer 8's new features let you search eBay and keep track of items you're interested in. Best of all, it's free."

It isn't the first time that a customised Internet Explorer has been produced, with Yahoo making use of a bespoke IE7 in the past.

But the eBay packaging does create an intriguing situation where companies that are willing to go the extra mile and produce a visual search option, the Accelerator that allows right-click functionality on web text and a Web Slice which gives constantly updated information, can put their wares together with a browser.

The landing page is available at http://ie8.ebay.com, so if you are a hardcore auction addict then it might possibly be right up your street. Unless you prefer FireFox of course…

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