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Department of Homeland Security recruiting for Cyber Reserve

A Cyber Reserve would be initiated during national crises

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) task force said this week that the agency is looking for computer savvy Americans to join the Cyber Reserve.

The concept behind the Cyber Reserve is similar to that of the Army Reserve, drawing mostly on retired government employees and military contractors.

For this initiative, though, computer and network security pros are being recruited specifically to be on-call for national emergencies.

The DHS hopes to have a functioning Cyber Reserve within one year.

Nationalizing geeks

Janet Napolitano, DHS Secretary, said at a cybersecurity event in Washington D.C. this week that financial institutions and digitally managed infrastructure are all at risk.

The Cyber Reserve would help to respond to large-scale threats on these kinds of national assets, as well as destructive natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy.

While the idea of Cyber Reserve isn't the DHS's final answer to securing our digital borders, it could go a long way to helping the United States be more prepared for digital warfare.