Deezer does a Spotify with new App Studio

Deezer does a Spotify with new App Studio
Ohh-wee-oooh I look just like Buddy Holly

Deezer has announced the first apps to make use of its open API and its new App Studio library.

If that sounds familiar, is because it's a lot like what Spotify announced around this time last year.

The App Centre on Deezer will not only feature desktop apps built using the open API, but also "enable the discovery of" iOS and Android apps that use the same framework.

Presumably you'll still have to download them from the respective app stores though.

Finding tunes

It's all in aid of music discovery, the holy grail of music streaming services, and as such Deezer has also extended its Facebook integration, made it possible for users to peruse friends' music collections and a new swipe-able sharing option.

As well as Spotify's new web-browser based player, Deezer now faces fresh competition from the newly re-launched Myspace.

New Myspace has made no secret of its plans to go mobile and add a similar API-powered app library, but Spotify also has one or two things up its sleeve (so we hear).

If 2013 will prove anything, it's that the battle for your music streaming collection is far from over.

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