Microsoft Office 365 back online in Europe

Offie 365

Update: Office 365 services and other Azure services have now been resumed.

Original story follows below...

If you're having little success accessing your Office 365 email and other Microsoft services, don't worry: it's not just you. Twitter is awash with activity that indicates Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite is suffering a European outage and has been down for most of the day.

According to Microsoft's Azure status page, the data centres that host Office 365 and other services were hit by disruption at 9am on Thursday morning. In its latest update, Microsoft says that the problem was caused by an Azure Active Directory configuration error and that it's working on an update to fix the issue.

Separate to Office 365, Microsoft has listed other services impacted by the outage. They include: Stream analytics with PowerBI outputs, Azure Management Portals, Azure Data Catalogue Portal, Operational Insights, Remote App, Visual Studio Team Services and SQL Database.

Time will tell if Microsoft will be obliged to rename the service Office 364 following the disruption.

Kane Fulton
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