Channel 4 is scrapping 4oD to make way for a new online portal

All 4
All 4 one, one 4 all

Channel 4 is ditching its 4oD service, replacing it with a new platform called All 4 that will serve up its own flavour of catch-up and live TV.

The big rebrand will take place in the end of the first quarter of 2015, with the service launching on PC and iOS devices initially and other platforms to follow.

The 'On Demand' section will offer catch-up content from the 4 channels much like it does now, while a new Now section will let you steam Channel 4, More 4, E4 and Film 4 live.

Furthermore, the 'On Soon' section will showcase trailers and snippets of upcoming shows. Users will also be able to personalise their profiles and enjoy an "increasingly bespoke" experience. How bespoke that will be remains to be seen.

But after eight years of service, it'll be interesting to see the next chapter in 4's online content portal.

Hugh Langley

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