Vodafone Australia CEO Bill Morrow to head NBN Co in 2014

Australia's NBN Co finally has a new leader... but when will the roll out start up again?

NBN Co confirmed today that current Vodafone Australia head Bill Morrow has been appointed CEO of the government-owned company charged with rolling out the national broadband network (NBN).

With Morrow set to begin his role as CEO of NBN Co sometime in 2014, Vodafone said in a statement that Morrow's date of departure from the telco "will be finalised on the announcement of a successor".

When talking to journalists, Morrow said that the announcement and handover could be made by March or April.

Voda's overhaul

Morrow joined Vodafone Australia in March 2012 with the goal to turn the company around following droves of customers leaving the telco because of network problems.

This year saw major improvements to the network, the launch of its 4G network and new Red plans, as well as a renewed focus on customer care.

"While it has not been an easy decision to leave Vodafone, we have fixed the fundamentals, stabilised the business, invested heavily in the network and we are already starting to see signs of customers coming back," he in a statement said.

"At the same time, I'm honoured and privileged to be offered the opportunity to lead one of Australia's most important infrastructure projects, which has the potential to shape the nation's economy and change the lives of all Australians."

The right man for the job?

NBN Co Executive Chairman Dr Ziggy Switkowski said that Morrow has the right mix of experience and knowledge of the telco industry to head NBN Co.

"I am delighted that a senior business leader of the calibre of Bill Morrow has agreed to accept the challenge of delivering the long-promised upgrade to Australia's broadband infrastructure," Switkowski said.

Talking to journalists about his new role, Morrow said "I'm delighted by the opportunity."

He said that he would continue to advocate for mobile backhaul and tower sharing as part of the NBN project as it is important to have good competition, whether that be for mobile or fixed line.

New start for new NBN

One of the first things Morrow will be doing as NBN Co CEO is getting his head around the strategic review and talking to the employees about what is and isn't working.

"With the right infrastructure and industry collaboration, Australia will reap the benefits for decades to come," he said in a statement.

"I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and ensuring every Australian is able to benefit from a world class national broadband network."