Planes, trains and approved for superfast satellite broadband

Planes, trains and could get superfast broadband super-soon
Up, up and away

You may soon never be without fast broadband access to the internet if Ofcom has its way - the regulator has set aside a chunk of satellite-based spectrum to be used on planes, coaches, boats and other vehicles throughout the UK.

As planned in 2013, the satellite-based tech should provide "up to 10 times faster" internet access while you're on the move compared to the personal dongles, train Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment systems currently in use.

On the go

Ofcom's decision includes allowing use of 'earth stations' which will be installed on the trains and planes but connect to satellites to get their internet signal.

It'll be a while before you're satellite Skyping from the sky though - Ofcom isn't expecting to even receive airlines' applications until February - but the land-based earth stations should begin later this year.

  • You'll need a device to make good use of all that speedy web access - how about the iPad Air?
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