promises ugly people 'beautiful babies'

Online dating site promises 'beautiful babies' in new egg and sperm donation scheme
Online dating site promises 'beautiful babies' in new egg and sperm donation scheme

Danish website, the dating site for 'good-looking people' is launching its own sperm and egg bank for its members, promising to deliver 'beautiful babies' in a controversial new addition to its service this week. launched in Denmark a few years ago and was rolled out to a worldwide audience in October last year.

The new 'fertility introduction service' aims to bring together 'regular looking people' (who are presumably not good looking enough to be considered for membership to the site)with sperm and egg donors from

Ugly people want beautiful babies

"Initially, we hesitated to widen the offering to non-beautiful people," site founder Robert Hintz told the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

"But everyone - including ugly people – would like to bring good-looking children into the world and we can't be selfish with our attractive gene pool."

In a statement, the website's Managing Director Greg Hodge, added: "Every parent would like their child to be blessed with many fine attributes, attractiveness being one of the most sought after.

"For a site with members who resemble Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, you can imagine the demand." claims to have over 600,000 members from 190 countries worldwide, with only around one in five applicants successfully being granted membership to this exclusive dating club.

Another new dating service recently launched, called Cupertino, restricts its membership to Apple users. Presumably Windows and Linux users are not good-looking enough for them... Or that it is, as seems far more likely, a very clever spoof!

If only we could say the same for's new fertility service...

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Adam Hartley