Amazon plans 'all you can eat' web TV

Amazon in talks with media giants about plans to launch movie and TV streaming service

In what is becoming something of an industry trend, is reportedly approaching media companies with a proposal for an 'all-you-can-eat' style TV and movie streaming service. has approached Time Warner, CBS and Viacom, according to Reuters' sources. Talks are currently at an early stage, claim the same unnamed sources.

Amazon's US website already offers a number of TV shows and movies in its video-on-demand section at a cost of $1.99 and upwards

Amazon, Apple, Google, Sony

The proposed new Amazon subscription service would go up against the likes of Hulu and Netflix in the US.

One option that Amazon is offering its potential media partners is that of subscriptions bundled with the existing Amazon Prime service, which offers US consumers free two-day shipping on most of Amazon's products for $79 (£50) a year.

Apple is expected to unveil its latest plans for Apple TV at a press event in Cupertino later today, while both Google and Sony are also looking at ways of delivering (and monetising) TV and movie subscription and streaming services.

Amazon, CBS, Viacom Time Warner and NBC Universal have all so far declined to comment.

According to Adams Media Research online sales and streaming of movies were worth $300 million in the US in 2009, and $340 million for TV shows.

Via Reuters