A Netflix-branded device? Don't be silly, says CEO

A Netflix-branded device? Don't be silly, says boss, we're already on 1,000!
Netflix users have no shortage of ways to access the service

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has dismissed the prospect of following Amazon and Google into hardware and launching its own streaming device or set-top box.

Speaking at the Code Conference this week, Hastings said there's "no value-add" in creating an Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast rival because his service is "working on over 1,000 devices now."

During the chat, Hastings also ruled out any future move into the sports world, claiming Netflix has neither the bandwidth to live stream or the money to pay for television's most lucrative content genre.

"So sports, we don't have any bandwidth for, any money for," he said. "Live in general isn't a big area for us - but it's just beginning."

Avoiding the monopoly

The Netflix boss also touched upon the increasingly toxic net neutrality debate, reiterating his firm had little option but to negotiate a deal with US internet service provider Comcast in order to safeguard speedy access for subscribers.

He said Netflix, which represents 30% of web traffic, had cheekily offered to pay Comcast for 30% of its costs if it received 30% of Comcast's revenue. Unsurprisingly, Comcast said, "no way."

Hastings also accused Comcast of seeking a post office-like monopoly over the internet and said customers should never have to pay more for using more bandwidth.

He said: "If they charge the internet a little bit now, as they grow, they're going to charge more and more and more. It's getting ahead of that principle."


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