Indian customers can now buy China-exclusive Xiaomi products in India using ShareSave

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India is now reaping the rewards of being Xiaomi's second largest market. The company's ecosystem of products, many of which have long been exclusive to China, are now gradually expanding to India. Instead of continuing to use third-party platforms like Banggood, interested Indian buyers can now use Xiaomi's newly-launched e-commerce app, ShareSave, to purchase those devices. 

ShareSave is an exclusively cross-border app, which only allows Indian customers to buy China-exclusive Xiaomi products. The company is promising complete local service support and home delivery at minimal additional cost. Additionally, there is a social feature that lets you avail a discount if you buy a product in conjunction with a friend; if enough people pitch in to buy a product together, there's a chance of a 100% discount. 

The ShareSave app also has a Kickstart tab, which allows you to back new products for as little as Rs 15. There are a number of products available on the app already: electric toothbrushes, Yeelight Motion Sensor et al. To sweeten the pot, Xiaomi has made products already available in India cheaper on the app. For example, the Yeelight Smart Bulb costs about Rs 1999 on Amazon India, but only Rs 1500 on ShareSave; the Yeelight Candela is priced at Rs 4500 elsewhere, but only costs Rs 2850 on the app. 

For the time being, Xiaomi ShareSave is only available on Android phones- you an download it from the Play Store here. The company has not yet offered any clarity on an iOS app release so far.