Huawei's next flagship could make a major splash thanks to AT&T

Following solid first impressions from the launch of the Huawei Mate 9, it appears the phone maker's next big attempt to penetrate the US smartphone market may not be far behind, thanks to a new partnership with AT&T.

Huawei is reportedly teaming up with the carrier to bring a new flagship phone to the US in 2018, according to a report from The Information.

Though one of the biggest smartphone makers worldwide, Huawei has yet to become a household name in the US like Samsung or Apple

This is partly due to a lack of cellular carrier partners carrying the company's phones — something that could change with an AT&T partnership, seeing as it's the biggest telecoms conglomerate on planet Earth.

The phone in question is said to be similar to the upcoming Huawei Mate 10, which is expected to debut later this year. AT&T may wind up offering a variant of Huawei's next flagship phone modified to be compatible with its network and comply with the United State's communications protocol.

Should Huawei launch a new flagship in the US next year, be prepared to shell out some cash. Going off the pricing of past Huawei Mate phones at launch, a higher price tag anywhere between $500-$600 and up could be expected.

Via Android Police

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