HTC One X10, now official, will focus on battery life and style

Rumors for the HTC 11 – also may be known as the HTC Ocean – are thin on the ground at the moment, but a new phone from the Taiwanese company has surfaced and it's called the HTC One X10.

The phone originally leaked thanks to Twitter leaker Evleaks, but now appears to be official. 

The One X10 stands out with a 4,000mAh battery and boasts a full-metal design, but oddly enough, it only appears to be showing up on the Russian HTC website. It's possible that this phone won't release outside of RU, but fingers are crossed.

A new line

As we saw in the leak and now, the official page, the phone has a single-lens on the rear with an LED flash to the side of it. Underneath, you'll find a fingerprint sensor, a placement HTC hasn't used since the HTC One Max in 2013, and flanking it on the right hand side of the device is a button to turn the screen on and a volume rocker sat just above.

Regarding some other specs, it features a Full HD 5.5-inch display, 3GB of RAM and a 16MP rear sensor, 8MP front sensor, as well as running on the MediaTek Helio P10 octa-core chipset.

A price isn't clear at the moment, but the specs suggests it's a mid-range phone so will hopefully be cheaper than the very expensive HTC U Ultra if it ever arrives outside of Russia.

James Peckham

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